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International Cooperative Programme on Effects of Air Pollution on Natural Vegetation and Crops


23rd Task Force Meeting

of the ICP Vegetation

1st – 3rd February, 2010

Tervuren, Belgium


Conference Sessions and Presentations

Tuesday 2nd February, 2010

Session 1 Welcome                                     Chair:  Ludwig de Temmerman
  Pierre Kerkhofs, director general Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Centre (CODA-CERVA) - Welcome
  Harry Harmens et al - LRTAP Convention and the achievements of the ICP Vegetation in 2009
  Gina Mills et al - Contributions on ozone for the review of the Gothenburg Protocol
  Pierre Kerkhofs - Scientific activities of CODA-CERVA


Session 2a

Ozone                                          Chair:  Gina Mills

Flux modelling and flux-based critical levels:  Review of progress at and since the Workshop on 'Flux-based assessment of ozone effects for air pollution policy', 9-12 November, 2009, Ispra, Italy

  Gina Mills - Overview of workshop and decisions to be made
Håkan Pleijel et al - New response functions for the Mapping Manual - what options exist for crops?
  Sabine Braun et al - Overview of ozone uptake models, response functions and suggested critical levels for forests
  Felicity Hayes et al - Progress with flux models for semi-natural vegetation


Session 2b

Heavy metals/N                        Chair:  Harald Zechmeister

  Ilia Ilyin - Modelled EMEP heavy metal depositions versus moss measurements: progress in the analysis of the results
Marcel Holy et al - European wide analysis of factors influencing the spatial variation of metal and nitrogen concentrations in mosses
  Ilya Ilyin and Ludwig de Temmerman - Are there any opportunities for moss biomonitoring to study the global distribution and the deposition of mercury?


Session 3a

Ozone                                            Chair:  Håkan Pleijel

  Zhaozhong Feng et al - Apoplastic ascorbate rather than stomatal flux contributes to the different response to ozone between two varieties of winter wheat under fully open-air field conditions
Ignacio Gonzalez Fernandez et al - On the application of the ozone dose-response model for wheat in Southern Europe
  Maarten De Bock, Maarten Op de Beeck et al - Which ozone dose response works best for oilseed rape and broccoli?
  Victoria Bermejo et al - Ozone-response functions for vegetable crops: preliminary results for tomato, bean and lettuce


Session 3b

Heavy metals/N                              Chair:  Harry Harmens

  Harry Harmens - Update 2010/11 moss survey
Discussion:  European moss survey in the future


Session 4a

Ozone                                             Chair:  Patrick Büker/Gina Mills

Per Erik Karlsson et al - Local variations of ozone concentrations in the landscape
  Dimitri Vellisariou et al - Visible ozone injury on leafy crops
  Jesús Ramírez et al - Tropospheric ozone and its effects on the main agricultural species of Central America and the Caribbean


Session 4b

Heavy metals/N                               Chair:  Marina Frontasyeva/Harry Harmens

Roland Pesch et al - Using the moss data to calculate European wide maps on atmospheric depositions of Cd, Pb and N
  Sébastien Leblond et al - Element concentrations in mosses in relation to atmospheric deposition and soil chemistry
  Ivan Suchara et al - Changes in concentrations of 14 elements in moss caused by time and site-specific effects in the Czech Republic between 1995 and 2005
  Harald Zechmeister et al - Monitoring of indoor pollution by using mosses in the Girona area, Spain
  General discussion:  workplan 2010 and beyond


Wednesday 3rd February, 2010

Session 5 Plenary Session                                 Chair:  Gina Mills
  Recommendations from Ispra Working Group discussions, adoption of new flux-based critical levels for ozone and of report from Ispra and TFJ.  With contributions from Håkan Pleijel, Sabine Braun and Patrick Büker .


Session 6a

Ozone                                             Chair:  Felicity Hayes

Biomonitoring with bean and 2010 survey of leafy crops for ozone injury

Felicity Hayes et al - Overview of the results of the 2009 bean study and discussion of plans for bean biomonitoring in the future
  Mills et al - 2010 ICP Vegetation survey of leafy salad crops


Session 6b

Heavy Metals                                   Chair:  Ivan Suchara

Marina Frontasyeva et al - Atmospheric heavy metal deposition in Northern Vietnam: Hanoi and Thainguyen case study using the moss biomonitoring technique, INAA and AAS
  Zdravko Spiric et al - Multi-element atmospheric deposition study in Croatia
  Lotti Thöni - Sulfur monitoring with mosses - what is the experience?


Session 7a

Ozone                                              Chair:  Karine Vandermeiren

Matthias Volk et al - Subalpine grassland NEE CO2 fluxes indicate reduced GPP and Reco at elevated ozone, but no reduction of productivity
  Verena Blanke et al - N, P and O3 - Responses of subalpine plants and their mycorrhiza
  Sylvia Toet et al - Ozone effects on methane and carbon dioxide fluxes from peatland mesocosms


Session 7b

Heavy Metals                                   Chair:  Winfried Schröder

Ludwig de Temmerman et al - Is there any measurable direct impact of atmospheric deposition on the trace element contents of the root vegetables carrots and celeriac?
  Julia Sucharová et al - Comparison of element contents distribution in moss, grass and spruce needles in coniferous forests in the Czech Republic in 2005-2006


Session 8

Plenary Session                              Chair:  Harry Harmens

Reporting back:  summary presentations on ozone and heavy metals
  Adoption new and revised ozone critical levels
  ICP Vegetation work programme 2010-2013, including items common to all ICPs/Task Force on Health
  Collaboration with other LRTAP Convention bodies such as EMEP, Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen and Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling
  Outreach activities to other regions, Global Air Pollution Forum
  Conclusions and review of the 23rd Task Force Meeting
  Next Task Force Meeting