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Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution

Working Group on Effects

International Cooperative Programme on Effects of Air Pollution on Natural Vegetation and Crops


24th Task Force Meeting

of the ICP Vegetation

31st January – 2nd February, 2011

Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland

Venue:  HSR - Hochschule Rapperswil, Oberseestrasse 10

With financial support from the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, FUB - Research Group for Environmental Monitoring, and the community of Rapperswil-Jona


Conference Sessions and Presentations

Tuesday 1st February, 2011

Session 1
Welcome                                                                 Chair:  Beat Achermann
  Jean-Marc Piveteau, Deputy Director of University of Applied Sciences HSR - Welcome
  Beat Achermann, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment FOEN - Recent developments under the Convention
  Harry Harmens et al. – Achievements of the ICP Vegetation in 2010
  Patrick Büker et al. Plans for a future pan-Asian ozone and food security ‘Research for Policy Programme’: potential linkages to UNECE LRTAP Convention and ICP Vegetation


Session 2a

Ozone                                                                                 Chair:  Gina Mills

  Gina Mills et al. - Update on ozone activities: i) 'Ex-post' maps of current and future ozone effects on vegetation; ii) Food security report
  Felicity Hayes et al - Overview of the results of the 2010 bean study


Session 2b

Heavy metals/N/POPs                                                 Chair:  Harry Harmens

  Harry Harmens et al. - Update on heavy metal/N/POPs activities: i) Participation 2010/11 survey and outline of the report;  ii) POPs and nitrogen developments;  iii) Data use, MossMet, publications


Session 3a

Ozone                                                                           Chair:  Håkan Pleijel

  Sally Wilkinson et al. - Interactions between ozone and drought stress in plants: mechanisms and implications
Serena Wagg et al. - Ozone and drought stress interactions in bean and grassland species
  Sabine Braun et al. - Stomatal ozone uptake of Norway spruce: validation of the functions using sap flow
  Patrick Büker et al. - Updates on further developments and application of the DO3SE model, including a demonstration of the revised online version of DO3SE


Session 3b

Heavy metals/N/POPs                                       Chair:  Jesús Santamaría

  Ilia Ilyin - Application of moss survey data for analysis of local scale heavy metal pollution
Eiliv Steinnes - Is it possible to estimate atmospheric deposition of heavy metals by analysis of terrestrial mosses?
  Louise Foan et al. - Mosses as biomonitors of POPs pollution: Spatial trends of PAH concentrations in mosses from France, Switzerland and Spain
  Jesús Santamaría et al. - Source apportionment of nitrogen by stable isotope analysis
  Jesús Santamaría - Countries interested in analysing δ15N signatures in mosses


Session 4a

Ozone                                                                           Chair:  Gina Mills


Ozone discussion groups - 3 groups to discuss future ozone work programme of the ICP Vegetation:

1.  Impacts of ozone on C sequestration and feedbacks to climate (2011 report)

2.  Impacts of ozone on biodiversity and ecosystem services

3.  Role of biomonitoring, outreach and 'horizon-scanning'


Session 4b

Heavy metals/N/POPs                                          Chair:  Harry Harmens


Moss survey discussion groups - 2 groups to discuss future moss survey work of the ICP Vegetation:

1.  Relationship element concentration in mosses and impacts on ecosystems

2.  Role of the European moss survey, outreach and 'horizon scanning'

  Ludwig De Temmerman - Mosses and deposition


Wednesday 2nd February, 2011

Session 5a Ozone                                                          Chair:  Karine Vandermeiren
  Serena Bassin et al. - Ozone and nitrogen effects on a subalpine pasture: novel insights into belowground processes
  Matthias Volk et al. - Soil CO2 δ13C of a subalpine pasture under increased N- and O3-deposition
  Verena Blanke et al. - N, O3 and mycorrhiza: trials in a subalpine pasture and in the climate chamber
  Sally Power et al. - Effects of ozone on mesotrophic grassland communities under climate change
  Samina Madkour et al. - A new Egyptian common bean O3 bioindicator pair comparable in performance to the (S156/R123) system


Session 5b

Heavy metals/N/POPs                                       Chair:  Marina Frontasyeva

Eero Kubin et al. - The Finnish environmental specimen bank Paljakka - an archive for heavy metal survey samples
  Ivan Suchara et al. - A comparison of element concentrations in moss, grass, spruce needles and forest floor humus
  Willy Werner et al. - Patterns of wet deposition types and element concentration in mosses in Germany
  Dinesh Saxena et al. - Assessment of metal accumulation by moss in relation to atmospheric emission sources in Uttarakhand, India


Session 6a

Ozone                                                                      Chair:  Patrick Büker

Sheikh Saeed Ahmad - Measurements of tropospheric ozone in rural/semi rural sites of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan
  Håkan Pleijel - Reduced ozone by air filtration consistently improved grain yield in wheat
  Ludger Grünhage et al. - CRO3PS - an ozone risk evaluation model for winter wheat at local scale
  Ignazio González-Fernández et al. - Modelling ozone stomatal flux for wheat under Mediterranean conditions


Session 6b

Heavy metals/N/POPs                                                Chair:  Eiliv Steinnes

Marina Frontasyeva et al. - JINR (Dubna, Russia) contribution to the moss surveys in Europe
  Ivan Suchara et al. - concentration of elements in moss along forest roads: the effect of distance and traffic volumes
  Stephanie Boltersdorf et al. - Regional variation in the nitrogen content and δ15N signatures of lichens in relation to atmospheric nitrogen deposition
  Eero Kubin et al. - Hylocomium splendens and Pleurozium schreberi as biomonitors of nitrogen deposition in boreal forests


Session 7

Plenary Session                                                 Chair:  Harry Harmens

Reporting back from ozone and heavy metals/N/POPs sessions
  ICP Vegetation work programme 2012-2014
  Collaboration with other relevant bodies/organisations
  Next Task Force meeting and other relevant meetings
  Conclusions and review of the 24th Task Force Meeting