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Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution

Working Group on Effects

International Cooperative Programme on Effects of Air Pollution on Natural Vegetation and Crops


25th Task Force Meeting

of the ICP Vegetation


One-day ozone workshop

31st January – 2nd February, 2012

Brescia, Italy


With the financial support of the Brescia District Administration - Department of Environmental Protection, Ecology and Mining, Energy     


Ecophysiology and Environmental Physics Lab - Math and Physics Dept., Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Brescia, Italy




One-day ozone workshop

Tuesday 31st January, 2012

Gina Mills - Introduction to the Workshop
Theme 1

Quantifying ozone impacts on Mediterranean Forests       

Chair:  Elena Paoletti

Session 1 Mihaela Mircea et al.  - Ozone simulations over Italy with the atmospheric modelling system of the Minni project: evaluation and perspectives for vegetation
  Angelo Finco et al. - When stomatal flux is predictable from AOT40.  Results of a 13 years stomatal flux calculation exercise at an Alpine spruce forest with the DO3SE model
  Alessandra De Marco et al. - FO3REST project - First application of DO3SE model on French and Italian Forests: Comparison of risk indicators for Mediteranean trees
Session 2 Silvano Fares et al. - Measured and modelled stomatal and non-stomatal ozone fluxes in a mixed Mediterranean forest
  Rocio Alonso et al. - Ozone critical levels for Mediterranean forests



Theme 2

Mapping vegetation at risk from ozone at the national scale     

Chair:  Jürg Fuhrer

Session 3 Per Erik Karlsson et al. - Introduction of Environmental Objectives for ozone impacts on vegetation in Sweden based on ozone flux
  Patrick Büker et al. - Applying flux based ozone risk assessment methods in the UK
  Beat Rihm et al. - Mapping ozone fluxes for Switzerland: comparison with EMEP-maps
Session 4 Sabine Braun et al. - Flux-response relationship of Fagus sylvatica: what does the epdemiological data analysis tell us?


Programme: 25th Task Force Meeting of the ICP Vegetation

Wednesday 1st February, 2012

Session 1

Plenary Session                                                     Chair:  Giacomo Gerosa

  Welcome address by Prof. Antonio Ballarin Denti (Director of the Department of Mathematics and Physics, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore), Dr. Gian Luca Gurrieri (Lombardy region, Directorate Environment, Energy and Networks) and Prof. Francesco Lechi (Chamber of Commerce of Brescia)
  Gudrun Schütze (vice chair of WGE) - News from the LRTAP Convention
  Harry Harmens et al. - Overview of the achievements of the ICP Vegetation in 2011
  Marcus Schaub et al. - An update from the ICP Forests
  Patrick Büker et al. - Update on the DO3SE model and outreach activities
  Riccardo Marzuoli, Giacomo Gerosa et al. - Overview on ten years of ozone research at the Catholic University of Brescia



Session 2

Plenary Session                                                              Chair:  Felicity Hayes

  Harry Harmens et al. - The ICP vegetation study on the effects of ozone on carbon sequestration in Europe
Per Erik Karlsson - Ozone impacts on carbon sequestration in Northern and Central European Forests
  Håken Pleijel et al. - Ozone risk for vegetation in the future climate of Europe based on stomatal ozone uptake calculations



Session 3a

Ozone: Effects on food security                         Chair:  Alessandra De Marco

  Gina Mills et al. - The ICP vegetation report on impacts of ozone on food security, including the first flux-based European crop loss assessment
  Giacomo Gerosa et al. - Does ozone negatively affect durum wheat?
  Jacques Berner et al. - Ozone has a negative impact on the photosynthetic capability of maize and wheat



Session 3b

Moss Survey: temporal trends                              Chair:  Louise Foan


Eiliv Steinnes et al. - Three decades of atmospheric metal deposition in Norway as evident from analysis of moss samples

  Marina Frontasyeva - Moss biomonitoring in Russia: past, present and future
  Gunilla Pihl Karlsson and Helena Danielsson - Metal content in mosses continues to decline in Sweden



Session 4a

Ozone: biomonitoring with bean                     Chair:  Rocio Alonso

  Kent Burkey et al. - Assessment of the snap bean ozone bioindicator system under different management regimes
  Felicity Hayes et al. - An overview of results from the ICP Vegetation ozone biomonitoring with bean (2008 - 2011)
  Elisabetta Salvatori et al. - A chamber fumigation study to evaluate the performance of the snap bean biomonitoring system under simulated Mediterranean climatic conditions
  Gina Mills - Discussion on the future of ozone biomonitoring within the ICP Vegetation



Session 4b

Moss survey: current status and future                 Chair:  Harry Harmens

  Harry Harmens - Status of data submission for the 2010/11 European moss survey, outline of reporting in 2013, POPs review, followed by a discussion on the future of the European moss survey
  Winfried Schröder and Roland Pesch - European moss monitoring: online sampling protocol
  Jesus Santamaria - Preliminary results of 15N analyses in mosses


Thursday 2nd February, 2012

Session 5a

Ozone: combined effects with other drivers on grasslands

                                                                                 Chair:  Eleni Goumeenaki

  Matthias Volk et al. - Responsiveness of subalpine grassland productivity under increased N and O3 deposition determined by carry-over effects and climate impacts of extreme years.
  Seraina Bassin et al. Effects of elevated O3 and N deposition on ecosystem N pools and the fate of a 15N isotope tracer
  Hector Calvete et al. – Response to ozone and nitrogen of Mediterranean annual pasture sown in natural soil: gas exchange, yield and biodiversity
  Nathan Callaghan et al. - Combined effects of ozone and drought on model mesotrophic grassland communities



Session 5b

Moss Survey                                                                  Chair:  Zdravko Spiric

  Lousie Foan et al. - Validation of mosses as biomonitors of POPs pollution: Spatial trends of PAH concentrations in mosses from France, Switzerland and Spain - Comparison with heavy metal concentrations, C and N content and their stable isotope signatures δ13C and δ15N
  Ludwig De Temmerman et al. - Is there any direct uptake and translocation of air borne trace elements in root and legume vegetables?
  Izquieta et al. - Pleurochaete squarrosa (Brid.) Lindb: an alternative for heavy metals and nitrogen monitoring in southern Europe



Session 6a

Ozone: workshop and expert groups                           Chair:  Gina Mills

  Reporting back from ozone workshop
  Reports from ozone expert groups and plans



Session 6b

Moss Survey                                                       Chair:  Gunilla Phil Karlsson

  Zdravko Spiric et al. - Moss biomonitoring in Croatia in 2010
  Trajče Stafilov et al. - Moss biomonitoring of atmospheric pollution with heavy metals in the Republic of Macedonia
  Panvera Lazo et al. - Moss biomonitoring in Albania: present and future



Session 7

Plenary Session                                                 Chair:  Harry Harmens

  Reporting back from ozone and moss sessions
  ICP Vegetation work plan 2012 - 2015