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Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution

Working Group on Effects

International Cooperative Programme on Effects of Air Pollution on Natural Vegetation and Crops


26th Task Force Meeting

of the ICP Vegetation

29 - 30 January, 2013

Halmstad, Sweden




With the financial support of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency 





Programme: 26th Task Force Meeting of the ICP Vegetation

Tuesday 29th January, 2013

Session 1

                                                     Chair:  Gunilla-Pihl Karlsson

  Welcome:  Titus Kyrklun (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency) and John Munthe (Vice president research IVL)
  Harry Harmens et al. - Overview of the achievements of the ICP Vegetation in 2012
  David Simpson - The EMEP MSC-W model: Recent developments, what to do next?
  Lars Lundin - Report on the ICP Integrated Monitoring activities 2012
  Ludwig De Temmerman et al. - What about nanomaterials?  Future considerations about the deposition of nanoparticles from long range transport.



Session 2

                                                      Chair:  Patrick Büker

  Gina Mills et al. - Impacts of ozone on ecosystem services and biodiversity.
  Jurgen Bender et al. - Introduction of a study to assess the impacts of ozone on biodiversity in terrestrial ecosystems: Database review and analysis of methods and uncertainties in current risk assessment approaches.
  Harry Harmens et al. - Results of the European moss survey 2010/11.
  Eiliv Steinnes et al. - Is terrestrial moss a useful substrate for assessment of the atmospheric deposition of POPs?  Implications from the 2010 moss survey in Norway.


Session 3
Chair:  Håkan Pleijel
  Peringe Grennfelt - Update of the recent work under the LRTAP Convention.
  Harry Harmens et al. - Medium-term workplan ICP Vegetation: how does it fit in with the implementation of the long-term strategy of LRTAP Convention?
  Patrick Büker and Lisa Emberson - Collaboration with the Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution.
  Antonio Ballerin-Denti - CLRTAP and Alpine Convention: a chance for cooperation on the effects of air pollution on alpine vegetation.
  Per Erik Karlsson et al. - S-POD - a simplified ozone index to be used to assess the risk for negative ozone impacts on vegetation at the national level.



Session 4a

Ozone                                                                         Chair:  Felicity Hayes

  Silvano Fares et al. - The effect of ambient ozone on carbon assimilation in trees: estimates using continuous flux measurement.
  Zhaozhong Feng - Leaf mass per area elucidates ozone sensitivity of woody species
  Alessandra De Marco et al. - The phytotoxic ozone dose performs well in Mediterranean forests
  Sabine Braun et al. - Reporting back from the working group discussion on further flux based developments and mapping validation.
  Patrick Büker et al. - Re-analysis of forest ozone flux-response relationships and some considerations for their application.



Session 4b

Heavy Metals/N/POPs                                             Chair:  Sebastien Leblond

  Jesus Santamaria - Preliminary results of 15N analyses in mosses.
  Mitja Skudnik et al. - Influence of sampling location on nitrogen and trace elements content in mosses.
  Lotti Thöni et al. - Relationship between site-specific nitrogen/sulphur concentrations in mosses and atmospheric nitrogen/sulphur deposition rates in selected European countries: preliminary results.
  Discussion on the 2010/11 survey report and maps, and the future of the European moss survey (led by Harry Harmens)
  Discussion on 1) methodology for caclulating ozone effects on C sequestration in Europe; 2) further stimulation of participation of EECCA/SEE countries and countries in regions outside the UNECE.



Wednesday 30th January, 2013

Session 5a

Ozone:                                                                              Chair:  Silvano Fares

  Seraina Bassin et al. - Effect of elevated combined ozone and nitrogen deposition on the species composition of a sub-alpine grassland.
  Ignacio Gónzalez-Férnandez et al. - Progress in modelling annual pasture ozone flux
  Jean-Francois Castell et al. - Bio-Economic Assessment of ozone impacts on French farming systems
  Sheikh Saeed Ahmad - Assessing spatial and temporal variability of tropospheric ozone concentration in areas of difference scales.
  Feedback from Tuesday evening discussions.



Session 5b

Heavy Metals/N/POPs                                                               Chair: Eiliv Steinnes

  Zdravko Spiric et al. - Croatian moss survey 2010 - preliminary results.
  Pranvera Lazo et al. - Multi-element atmospheric deposition study in Albania
  Flora Qarri et al. - Middle-term biomonitoring of Vlora-Fier area, Albania
  Sebastien Leblond et al. - Quantifying uncertainty of element concentrations in mosses.
  Helena Danielsson and Gunilla Pihl-Karlsson - Heavy metals in mosses - what are the advantages of an increased sampling density at the county level?



Session 6a

Ozone                                                             Chair:  Jean-Francois Castell

  Kent Burkey et al. - Soybeans from Fiskeby, Sweden - a potential source of tolerance genes for ozone and a broad range of abiotic stresses
  Yoshiaki Ueda et al. - Genetic approaches to increase tolerance to ozone in rice
  Anne Repellin et al. - Controlled field ozone fumigation of maize plants: Impact on leaves and grain yield
  Deborah Moura Rebou├žas et al. - Effects of combined ozone and water stresses on physiology and membrane lipids of two tropical cowpea cultivars.



Session 6b

Heavy Metals/N/POPs                                                          Chair:  Zdravko Spiric

  Winfried Schröder et al. - Landscape-specific correlation between atmospheric depositions and their concentrations in mosses across Europe?
  Erika Hiltbrunner et al. - Enlarged nitrogen availability due to increased atmospheric nitrogen deposition and expansion of N2 fixing plants: effects on alpine and montane ecosystems
  Stefanie Boltersdorf et al. - Germany-wide comparison of spatial distribution of nitrogen concentrations and stable isotope signatures of bryophytes and lichens
  Hilde Uggerud et al. - PAH in moss from Norway: Spatial distribution and comparison with metal concentrations.
  Ludwig De Temmerman - Accumulation of airborne As, Cd and Pb in Phaseolus bean.



Session 7

Chair:  Ludwig de Temmerman

  Gina Mills et al. - Progress with the European Framework 7 project ECLAIRE.
  Gerosa et al. - Photosynthetical response to ozone exposure and nitrogen enrichment of C. betulus and Q. robur saplings.  Results of the first year of experimentation under the ECLAIRE project.
  Håkan Pleijel et al. - Ozone risk assessment for the 21st century based on ozone and climate change scenarios
  Eero Kubin et al. - Nitrogen deposition and leaching in the boreal forest environment.



Session 8
Chair:  Harry Harmens
  Decisions and recommendations
  Work plan 2014 - 2016