Mobile App for Ozone Injury

Instructions for using the ozone injury smartphone App

1.  First, you are required to register to create your own account.

You will be asked for contact details (to enable us to get in touch if we have a query), your level of experience (which will aid us in data validation), and how we can use the data (e.g. for research, reporting exact position). After filling in the registration form, a request will be sent to the administrators of the website.

2. When you have received notification by email that your request has been accepted, you can return to the ‘Record Injury’ section of this website and log in.

3. After logging in, click on ‘download our mobile App’ on the Record Injury home page, use the link on the Record Injury menu, or click here to download the App. Next, you will see a welcome page with a clover background. When you click on 'Enter,' there will be a message to say that the App is downloading to your device. This is done automatically and there is no need for you to take any further action. After approx. 30 seconds, you will see another message saying that the App is now available offline – it has finished downloading. The next time you visit the website, the App will not need to be downloaded again. (To avoid having to go to the website each time you want to use the App, see step 7 for instructions on how to add an Ozone App icon to your home screen).

4. After you have clicked ‘Enter’ on the clover welcome page, you are taken into the App itself. Note: As you are downloading the App, you will be charged by your network provider. The total size of the App is 3.69MB.

5. Next, you will find 5 options:

a) About ozone injury - an introduction to ozone damage

b) Symptoms of ozone injury - information and photos of ozone injury symptoms.

c) Examples of ozone injury – photos of injury on a variety of plant species

d) Other causes of leaf damage – information and photos on e.g. insect pests

e) Record ozone injury – the recording form.

6. Go to ‘Record ozone injury’ to fill in the recording form. Note: You need to have the device GPS on for the phone to record your location. When records are submitted they will be sent immediately if online, or saved for sending at a later time.

7. To avoid having to go to the ICP Vegetation site each time you want to use the App, it can be added to the home screen of the phone as a clickable icon (this is not done automatically).

This enables you to navigate to the App quickly, both on and offline. The method varies between phone brands.

iPhone (using Safari browser)  

Add App to iphone homescreen

Figure 1

On the iphone, when you are on the App welcome page with the clover background, click on the arrow box highlighted in red (Figure 1) then choose “Add to home screen,” this button will be at the top (or bottom) of your screen while you are using the App.

Android phone (using Chrome browser)

Add App to Anfroid homescreen

Figure 2

On the Android phone, when you have reached the App welcome page with the clover background, click the menu button (see Figure 2), and choose “Add to home screen.” An icon (clover) will now appear on the home screen of your phone. This can be used on or offline to navigate to the App. If you are unable to find the ‘add to homescreen’ option on your brand of phone, you can also use the App offline by typing the URL into your browser. If the App has been fully downloaded, (while online), the browser will take you to the App recording form.

8. The form can be filled in offline and then submitted when you are next online. Note: if you use the App offline, it will first validate the form and then check if the GPS lock was acquired. If the GPS position was not captured while filling in the form then it should give you an option to try again. If this does not work, check your GPS settings and try again where the visibility of the sky is better (mobile GPS is usually not powerful enough to be used indoors.)

When the offline form has been filled in, click ‘submit’ and there will be a message saying the form was saved. When at least one record is saved, an extra item will appear on the App’s main menu item called ‘Saved forms’. When back online, clicking that will allow you to submit all saved forms.

We have been testing the App on an Android tablet and iPad. These devices have large screens, powerful processors and auto-update to use the latest software. Less powerful devices and devices using older browsers would be expected to work less well. Other browsers, e.g. Firefox and Opera can be used however the methods for adding the App to the home screen will be slightly different. For example, when using Firefox, you should click “add to bookmarks” while using the App, then there will be an option to add to the home screen. Wider testing will reveal the extent of any difficulties.

Please let us know if you find any further issues with the App by emailing: or