Review of NOx critical levels - online workshop

The ICP Vegetation Coordination Centre is performing a review of NOx critical levels in relation to vegetation. We will be asking whether there is any evidence to justify changing the current levels, and we will consider the scope of any application.

    We will hold the first online workshop on the ICP Vegetation review of NOx critical levels on Tuesday 24th May 2022.

    During the workshop, we aim to consider what data and evidence are available for NOx critical levels, 'meet' review participants, and define a workplan.

    See the attachments at the bottom of this page for the registration form, which needs to be returned to Mike Perring ( by 30th April.

    We are inviting talks at the workshop, in particular those that:

    1. have data that may help in confirming/revising critical levels
    2. consider analytical methods to set critical levels from collated data
    3. consider the conceptual framework around critical levels e.g. what is an appropriate metric, what is an adverse effect?

    We are looking forward to your participation. An agenda and joining details for the workshop will be available on 17th May. 


    This first workshop will be followed by:

    • An online meeting in late autumn 2022 to update findings and plan the writing of the update.
    • Reporting back to the ICP Vegetation TFM in 2023 and other actions to be decided in due course, depending on extent of evidence.




    Event date: 

    Tuesday, May 24, 2022