Air pollution threats to plant ecosystems

The next "Ozone and Plants" international conference entitled “Air pollution threats to plant ecosystems,” will be held in Paphos (Cyprus) on 17th - 21st May, 2021.

(NOTE: Due to Covid-19, this conference has been postponed, the original date was May 2020).                                                                                                                                           

Air pollution and climate change remain a persistent threat to plant ecosystems, urging for international cooperation and unified research efforts. This international event is co-organized by the Committee on Air Pollution Effects Research on Mediterranean Ecosystems (CAPERmed), the International Union of Forest Research Organization (IUFRO) and the International Cooperative Programme on Effects of Air Pollution on Natural Vegetation and Crops (ICP Vegetation). The conference, for the first time combining three events, will serve as an excellent example of effective international collaboration in the research of air pollution and plant ecosystems.

Do not miss this cornerstone of international science. The CAPERmed IV meeting will be held on 17th-18th May 2021, back-to-back with the 3rd International Conference on “Ozone and Plant Ecosystems” and the 30th international biennial conference of the IUFRO Research Group on “Air pollution and climate change” on 17th-21st May 2021.


Deadline for abstract submission: 15th January 2021

Early registration: till 15th March 2021


CAPERmed - Air Pollution Effects on Mediterranean Ecosystems

1a. Monitoring, biomonitoring and modeling: advances and limitations

1b. From the organism to the ecosystem: impact of pollution and climate change

1c. Environmental policies, human health and sustainability

Air pollution and climate change effects on plant ecosystems: from cell to ecosystem

2. Urban green: sinks or sources of air pollution and climate change

3. Plant ecosystems in a changing world: monitoring, modeling and risk assessment

4. Atmospheric deposition: consequences for plant ecosystems

5. Crops and trees: productivity and ecological processes

6.  Genetic, biochemical and physiological mechanisms underlying stress responses of plant ecosystems

Keynote speakers

Prof. Jos Lelieveld will join the conference talking about “Climate change and air pollution, the current and future challenges”.

Prof. Nadine Unger - "Air pollution effects on the carbon cycle in a changing world".

Prof. Xavier Querol - “Ozone pollution in Western Mediterranean region”.  

Prof. Zhaozhong Feng - "Effects of ozone pollution on Chinese woody plants: an overview".


Contact: Dr. Pierre Sicard (

Twitter: @PlantsPollution



Event date: 

Monday, May 17, 2021 to Friday, May 21, 2021