Journal articles

Title Authors Year of Publication DOI URL
Ozone dose-response relationships for tropical crops reveal potential threat to legume and wheat production, but not to millets F. Hayes; H. Harmens; K. Sharps; A. Radbourne 2020
Tropospheric ozone pollution reduces the yield of African crops F. Hayes; K. Sharps; H. Harmens; I. Roberts; G. Mills 2020
Evidence of ozone-induced visible foliar injury in Hong Kong using Phaseolus vulgaris as a bioindicator F. Leung; J.Y.S. Pang; A.P.K. Tai; T. Lam; D.K.C. Tao; K. Sharps 2020
Organochlorines burden in moss H. cupressiforme and topsoil across Serbia G. Mendaš; S.H. Romanić; G. Jovanović; M.A. Urošević; M. Ilić; T. Milićević; A. Popović 2020
Nitrogen availability does not affect ozone flux-effect relationships for biomass in birch (Betula pendula) saplings L. Dai; F. Hayes; K. Sharps; H. Harmens; G. Mills 2019
A Site-Specific Analysis of the Implications of a Changing Ozone Profile and Climate for Stomatal Ozone Fluxes in Europe F. Hayes; G. Mills; R. Alonso; I. González-Fernández; M. Coyle; L. Grunhage; G. Gerosa; P.E. Karlsson; R. Marzuoli 2019
Ozone impact on wheat in Europe, Asia and North America – A comparison H. Pleijel; M. Broberg; J. Uddling 2019
Can Reduced Irrigation Mitigate Ozone Impacts on an Ozone-Sensitive African Wheat Variety? H. Harmens; F. Hayes; K. Sharps; A. Radbourne; G. Mills 2019