Journal articles

Title Authors Year of Publication DOI URL
Comments on JA Fernandez, MT Boquete, A. Carballeira, JR Aboal (2015). A critical review of protocols for moss biomonitoring of atmospheric deposition: Sampling and sample preparation. Science of the Total Environment 517: 132-150 H. Harmens; W. Schroder; H.G. Zechmeister; E. Steinnes; M. Frontasyeva 2015
Ozone and plants Z.Z. Feng; E. Paoletti; A. Bytnerowicz; H. Harmens 2015
Twenty Eight Years of Icp Vegetation: An Overview of Its Activities H. Harmens; G. Mills; F. Hayes; D.A. Norris; K. Sharps 2015
Mapping correlations between nitrogen concentrations in atmospheric deposition and mosses for natural landscapes in Europe W. Schroder; R. Pesch; S. Schonrock; H. Harmens; G. Mills; H. Fagerli 2014
Relationship between site-specific nitrogen concentrations in mosses and measured wet bulk atmospheric nitrogen deposition across Europe H. Harmens; E. Schnyder; L. Thoni; D.M. Cooper; G. Mills; S. Leblond; K. Mohr; J. Poikolainen; J. Santamaria; M. Skudnik; H.G. Zechmeister; A.J. Lindroos; A. Hanus-Illnar 2014
Have ozone effects on carbon sequestration been overestimated? A new biomass response function for wheat H. Pleijel; H. Danielsson; D. Simpson; G. Mills 2014
Ozone - the persistent menace: interactions with the N cycle and climate change D. Simpson; A. Arneth; G. Mills; S. Solberg; J. Uddling 2014
Terrestrial mosses as biomonitors of atmospheric POPs pollution: A review H. Harmens; L. Foan; V. Simon; G. Mills 2013