Journal articles

Title Authors Year of Publication DOI URL
Terrestrial mosses as biomonitors of atmospheric POPs pollution: A review H. Harmens; L. Foan; V. Simon; G. Mills 2013
Correlation between atmospheric deposition of Cd, Hg and Pb and their concentrations in mosses specified for ecological land classes covering Europe W. Schroder; R. Pesch; A. Hertel; S. Schonrock; H. Harmens; G. Mills; I. Ilyin 2013
Country-specific correlations across Europe between modelled atmospheric cadmium and lead deposition and concentrations in mosses H. Harmens; I. Ilyin; G. Mills; J.R. Aboal; R. Alber; O. Blum; M. Coskun; L. De Temmerman; J.A. Fernandez; R. Figueira; M. Frontasyeva; B. Godzik; N. Goltsova; Z. Jeran; S. Korzekwa; E. Kubin; K. Kvietkus; S. Leblond; S. Liiv; S.H. Magnusson; B. Mankovska; O. Nikodemus; R. Pesch; J. Poikolainen; D. Radnovic; A. Ruhling; J.M. Santamaria; W. Schroder; Z. Spiric; T. Stafilov; E. Steinnes; I. Suchara; G. Tabors; L. Thoni; G. Turcsanyi; L. Yurukova; H.G. Zechmeister 2012
Updated stomatal flux and flux-effect models for wheat for quantifying effects of ozone on grain yield, grain mass and protein yield L. Grunhage; H. Pleijel; G. Mills; J. Bender; H. Danielsson; Y. Lehmann; J.F. Castell; O. Bethenod 2012
Nitrogen concentrations in mosses indicate the spatial distribution of atmospheric nitrogen deposition in Europe H. Harmens; D.A. Norris; D.M. Cooper; G. Mills; E. Steinnes; E. Kubin; L. Thoni; J.R. Aboal; R. Alber; A. Carballeira; M. Coskun; L. De Temmerman; M. Frolova; L. Gonzalez-Miqueo; Z. Jeran; S. Leblond; S. Liiv; B. Mankovska; R. Pesch; J. Poikolainen; A. Ruhling; J.M. Santamaria; P. Simoneie; W. Schroder; I. Suchara; L. Yurukova; H.G. Zechmeister 2011
Evidence of widespread effects of ozone on crops and (semi-)natural vegetation in Europe (1990-2006) in relation to AOT40-and flux-based risk maps G. Mills; F. Hayes; D. Simpson; L. Emberson; D. Norris; H. Harmens; P. Buker 2011
Limited potential of crop management for mitigating surface ozone impacts on global food supply E. Teixeira; G. Fischer; H. van Velthuizen; R. van Dingenen; F. Dentener; G. Mills; C. Walter; F. Ewert 2011
New stomatal flux-based critical levels for ozone effects on vegetation G. Mills; H. Pleijel; S. Braun; P. Buker; V. Bermejo; E. Calvo; H. Danielsson; L. Emberson; I.G. Fernandez; L. Grunhage; H. Harmens; F. Hayes; P.E. Karlsson; D. Simpson 2011