Factsheets - choose your language

 As part of UKCEH’s Long-term Science – Official Development Assistance project ‘SUNRISE’, factsheets have been produced. The aim is to improve crop scientists’ and producers’ awareness and knowledge of adverse impacts of ground-level ozone pollution on crop production and provide options for crop management adaptations to mitigate ozone impacts. Ground-level ozone pollution is rising in many developing regions. Here we provide versions of the factsheets in 4 further languages:

   Spanish                         French                               Hindi

    Ozone formation                                 Ozone formation                                   Ozone formation

   Ozone impact on legumes                  Ozone impact on legumes                    Ozone impact on legumes

   Tropical ozone injury                          Tropical ozone injury                               Tropical ozone injury

   Management mitigation                     Management mitigation                        Management mitigation



   Ozone formation

   Ozone impact on legumes

   Tropical ozone injury

   Management mitigation