Journal articles

Title Authors Year of Publication DOI URL
Temporal trends in the concentration of arsenic, chromium, copper, iron, nickel, vanadium and zinc in mosses across Europe H. Harmens; D.A. Norris; G.R. Koerber; A. Buse; E. Steinnes; A. Ruhling 2007
Ozone risk assessment for agricultural crops in Europe: Further development of stomatal flux and flux-response relationships for European wheat and potato H. Pleijel; H. Danielsson; L. Emberson; M.R. Ashmore; G. Mills 2007
Identifying ozone-sensitive communities of (semi-)natural vegetation suitable for mapping exceedance of critical levels G. Mills; F. Hayes; M.L.M. Jones; S. Cinderby 2007
A synthesis of AOT40-based response functions and critical levels of ozone for agricultural and horticultural crops G. Mills; A. Buse; B. Gimeno; V. Bermejo; M. Holland; L. Emberson; H. Pleijel 2007
Predicting community sensitivity to ozone, using Ellenberg Indicator values M.L.M. Jones; F. Hayes; G. Mills; T.H. Sparks; J. Fuhrer 2007
Meta-analysis of the relative sensitivity of semi-natural vegetation species to ozone F. Hayes; M.L.M. Jones; G. Mills; M. Ashmore 2007
Implications of climate change for the stomatal flux of ozone: A case study for winter wheat H. Harmens; G. Mills; L.D. Emberson; M.R. Ashmore 2007
Impacts of summer ozone exposure on the growth and overwintering of UK upland vegetation F. Hayes; G. Mills; P. Williams; H. Harmens; P. Buker 2006