Task Force Presentations 2020

Sabine Braun and Per Erik KarlssonImproved phenology for ozone flux modelling in trees.Braun_Karlsson_Improved.pdf
Melissa Chang-EspinoEffect of ozone on the isotopic signal of Mediterranean wheat.Chang_et_al_Effects.pdf
Victoria BermejoGuidelines for assessing ozone-induced foliar damage and yield loss of horticultural crops.CIEMAT_leafy_crops.pdf
Victoria BermejoCIEMAT Ozone gardensCiemat_O3_gardes-ICP_Vegetation_2020_FINAL.pdf
Stefanie FalkSurface ozone concentrations in Northern Scandinavia and implications on local vegetation.Falk_et_al_Surface.pdf
Ignacio González Fernández Soil moisture modelling effects on dose-based ozone risk assesment under water-limited climatic conditions.Fernandez_er_al_Soil.pdf
Nikolajs Filipenoks Geoecological assessment of the Great Moss Swamp accumulation of heavy metals in bioindicates.Filipenoks_e_ a_Geological.pdf
Stefan FraenzleLinking results on chitin-based biomonitoring.Fraenzle_et_al_Linking.pdf
Marina FrontasyevaMoss biomonitoring in Russia: Past, Present and Future.Frontasyeva_Moss.pdf
Járngerður GrétarsdóttirMonitoring of heavy metals and sulphur in moss in Iceland, 1990 - 2015.Gretarsdottir_Monitoring.pdf
Harry HarmensAchievements of the ICP Vegetation in 2019 and future work plan.Harmens_et_al_Achievments.pdf
Felicity HayesImpacts of ozone on growth and yield of tropical (African) crops.Hayes_et_al_Impact.pdf
Gederts IevinshCoastal wetland plant species as models in heavy metal and nitrogen accumulation studies.Ievinsh_Coastal.pdf
Ilia IlyinContribution of anthropogenic and secondary emission sources to heavy metal pollution in the EMEP region.Ilyin_et_al_Contribution.pdf
Yulia KorolevaTrace element atmospheric deposition study in the Kaliningrad region.Koroleva_et_al_Trace.pdf
Zaida KosonenEmissions in Switzerland in relation to results of Swiss moss monitoring, a time series 1990 - 2015.Kosonen_Emissions.pdf
Stefano LoppiAccumulation of microplastics in lichens from a landfill dumping site.Loppi_et_al_Accumulation.pdf
Stefano LoppiExpressing bioaccumlation data: does the choice of metric determine the outcome?Loppi_On.pdf
Christin LoranRoadmap for the review and revision of empirical critical loads for nitrogen in Europe.Loran_Prescher_Review.pdf
Johan NeirynckLong-term trends in ozone concentrations, indices and fluxes above a suburban mixed forest.Neirynck_Long_Term.pdf
Håkan PleijelDoes ozone sensitivity depend on nitrogen application rate and how is nitrogen effieciency affected by ozone?Pleijel_et_al_Does.pdf
David SimpsonUpdated semi-natural vegetation calculations in the EMEP MSC-W model.Simpson_et_al_Updating.pdf
Eiliv SteinnesAn overview of the 2015 European moss survey and recommendations for 2020.Steinnes_Frontasyeva_An_Overview.pdf
Mira Aničić UroševićHow to overcome the lack of mosses in agricultural and urban areas? (Moss bag biomonitoring)Urošević_How.pdf
Andrea VanniniUnderstanding the resistance of lichen and mosses to elevated ozone concentrations.Vannini_et_al_Understanding.pdf
Beatriz Vazquez de AldanaEndophytic fungi as tools to confer tolerance to ozone in wild and cultivated grass species.Vazquez_Aldana_et_al_Endophytic.pdf
Konstantin VergelMonitoring of atmopsheric deposition of inorganic pollutants in the Moscow region using terrestrial moss.Vergel_et_al_Monitoring.pdf
Ane VollsnesResponses to experimental ozone exposure in some native plant species from Northern Scandinavia.Vollsnes_et_al_Responses.pdf