Task Force Presentations 2021

Braun et al.Volume increment of mature Fagus sylvatica and Picea abies: Epidemiological Results from Switzerland
Aničić Urošević et al.Moss bag biomonitoring of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in urban areas during winter season
Yushin et al. Presented by Inga ZinicovscaiaMosses as Bioindicators of Heavy Metal Air Pollution in the Lockdown Period Adopted to Cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic
Uzhinskiy et al.Prediction of air pollution by potentially toxic elements by combining satellite imagery, Moss Biomonitoring Data and Machine Learning: Limitation and Perspectives.
González-Fernández et al.Modelling of phytotoxic ozone doses for risk assessment at European and plot scales using the soil moisture index
Schröder et al.Pilot Studies on the Suitability of Bioindication with Mosses for the Detection of Atmospheric Deposition of Persistent Organic Pollutants and Microplastics in Germany: Measurement Network Planning and Implementation
Esen et al.Review of moss biomonitoring in Turkey
Hoshika & PaolettiComparison of sensitivity to O3 between native poplars and poplar clones -Working Progress-
Balabanova et al.An effective tool for monitoring the deposition of surface dust in the cross-bio-indication process of metals in moss tissue 
Frontasyeva et al.Moss survey 2020-2021-2022. Sampling in COVID year of 2020
Cakaj et al.

Accumulation of platinum elements in Taraxacum officinale collected in urban areas of Pristina (Kosovo) and Poznan(Poland)

Burkey & CarterProgress in breeding to improve the ozone tolerance of crops
Sausor et al.Effect of troposperic ozone and water stress on spring wheat biomass and soil microbial communities under mediterranean conditions
Tabors et al.Results of moss biomonitoring of atmospheric deposition in Latvia in 2020
Bertrim & AherneActive moss biomonitoring of microplastic deposition in urban environments
Leblond & MeyerSpatial distribution of platinum group elements in French mosses
RábagoRecent developments in the Air Convention: Challenges, critical factors and opportunities for action
Lazo et al.Study of air quality by moss biomonitoring and trace elelements content
Wolf et al.Pilot studies on the suitability of bioindication with mosses for the detection of atmospheric deposition of persistent organic pollutants and microplastics in Germany: Method development, sample preparation, and preliminary investigation on microplastics
CookIncorporation of a nitrogen dynamics module into the DO3SE model to simulate wheat grain quality parameters
Casas & Loran Update on the process "Review and revision of the empirical critical loads for nitrogen for natural and near-natural ecosystems"
Ruiz-Checa et al. Presented by Rocio AlonsoCurrent studies on atmospheric nitrogen deposition and effects in Spain
Loppi et al.Lichen biomonitoring and environmental justice. A case study from Milan, Italy